Outdoor Catering

From the grandeur of government functions to intimate backyard feasts, our expertise has graced numerous occasions, ensuring culinary delight and impeccable service. Our esteemed clientele spans government bodies, private homes, nuptial celebrations, embassies, and consulates, reflecting our exceptional catering prowess. Dive into a gastronomic journey with our global menu available at Al Falaj restaurants in Muscat – savour the umami-rich flavours of Japan, relish the spices of India, embrace the zest of Thailand, delve into the traditions of Arabia, or enjoy the elegance of Continental dishes. Host a grand event with our state-of-the-art facilities like Freezer Trucks and outdoor furnishing; we effortlessly cater to gatherings of over 1500 guests. Let your events resonate with the magic of Al Falaj. Your grand affair awaits!


For hall specifics and seating arrangements, please refer to our fact sheet, or reach out directly at +968 9280 3323 or +968 9551 4719

Cuisine Type
All types of Cuisine
Operating hours
Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner
Depending on the request

Other Dining Options