From the vast expanse of the golden desert to the azure waters of the Arabian coast, engage in an array of curated activities & things to do in Muscat that capture the essence of Muscat.

Sunset Cruise
Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of Muscat’s coast at dusk. Glide on a traditional dhow, as the horizon transforms with the setting sun, painting a breathtaking canvas of colors.
Snorkelling Excursions
Dive into Oman’s aquatic treasures. Our excursions cater to both novices and diving aficionados, offering a mesmerizing underwater spectacle. Whether you're venturing into the depths or advancing your skills, the marine world awaits.
Private Boat Trips & Picnics
Revel in personalized escapades across Muscat's waters or a tranquil picnic by its shores. Share your preferences, and we'll curate an enchanting experience complete with delightful refreshments in the perfect ambiance.
Dolphin Watching
Embark on a captivating journey to witness the graceful dance of Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins. From boat tours to snorkeling adventures, experience intimate moments with these marine marvels.
City Tours & Other Excursions
Delve into the urban tapestry of Oman. From chic malls to the cultural heartbeat of Mutrah Souq, explore Muscat's facets. Beyond city limits, adventure beckons at sites like the Bimah Sinkhole and the mesmerizing Wahiba Sands.
Deep Sea Fishing
Venture into the bountiful Arabian waters, home to a myriad of marine species. Whether a seasoned angler or a first-timer, our fishing tours promise thrilling encounters with the ocean’s treasures.
Water Sports
Unleash your adventurous spirit with a plethora of water activities. Kayak, jet ski, wakeboard, or sail, every experience at Al Falaj Hotel is designed to excite and entertain you.
Desert Safari
Embark on a riveting journey across Muscat's rolling dunes. Experience the adrenaline surge as our seasoned drivers navigate the desert terrains, ensuring both exhilaration and safety.