Kebab On Wheels

Step into a retro, garage-themed haven where kebabs rule the night. At Kebab On Wheels, savor the thrill of live-cooked kebabs & delicious food from Muscat right at your table. Our buffet extravaganza boasts over 35 delectable items, from our signature kebabs, spanning Arab, Indian, and Chinese influences, to our mouth-watering dessert spread. Complete with a chat counter, an extensive drink menu, and a themed ambiance, this is a prime spot for a delightful dinner escapade.

Cuisine Type
Live-Cooked Kebabs
Operating hours
7:00 am - 10:30 pm

  • Kebabs with favorites from Arab, India and China
  • Unlimited Veg and Non-Veg Kebabs including Seafood (Prawns, Fish)
  • Served from individual grills by the tableside
  • Unlimited buffet also in the menu comprising of veg and non-veg menu spread.
  • Chat Counter
  • Restaurant has alcohol service
  • Themed Restaurant
  • Private room
  • Show Kitchen

Other Dining Options